Will Gerrard and Lampard find success in the MLS?

Will Gerrard and Lampard find success in the MLS?

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The answer that all of us can easily say is “yes”. Without having played an actual MLS game, both Gerrard and Lampard have been selected to play against Tottenham in the MLS All-Stars Game. This is the very definition of Major League Soccer success.

Having said this, however, Gerrard has only played in one friendly against Club America. Although the LA Galaxy did come out as winners, Gerrard found it difficult to perform as he did at Liverpool. He commented, “Physically it was tough. I haven’t played a competitive match for six or seven weeks so it was very important that I got out there and got 45 minutes”. If Gerrard was this tired after only playing a half, then he will be in no shape to play the San Jose Earthquakes on the 17th of July.

On the other hand, Gerrard has only recently situated himself in the US, and deserves a little time to recuperate. He does, in fact, have the rest of the MLS season to catch up to his performance level at Liverpool. Another measuring tool we can use is the MLS All-Stars Game on the 29th of July. If we can see enough improvement in Gerrard’s performance, we can easily predict that he will find enormous success (as far as European retirees go) at the LA Galaxy.

Lampard has had a similar story in the past couple of weeks. After finishing his vacation in late June, he is scheduled to debut for New York City FC against Orlando SC on the 26th of July. Lampard has proven that he can succeed in a competitive environment — he played all his professional career in the Premier League, and with two of the most competitive teams in the league (Chelsea and Manchester City). The MLS should be no problem for him. In addition, NYCFC has had a terrible record thus far in the season. It will be easy for us to see how Lampard’s capabilities will help NYC, as their record should easily climb with his addition. Another benchmark will be the MLS All-Stars game, which will also prove to be a good measure of Lampard’s capabilities in the US League.

At the end of the day, Gerrard and Lampard should have a fantastic time in the MLS, and should easily thrive once they are both well adjusted to American life. As long as they can both recuperate within the short time they have (as both of them must perform well against Tottenham to remain competitive), they both will be remembered as one of the greatest players of their generation.