What would the loss of Edin Dzeko mean for Manchester City?

What would the loss of Edin Dzeko mean for Manchester City?

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Edin Dzeko has been a faithful servant for Manchester City for a number of years now, but it seems like his time at this club will soon draw to a close. With AS Roma keen on purchasing Dzeko to replace Doumbia, and Dzeko ready to leave City, how would the nature of the team be affected if he left and does he still have more to give to this club?

First off, Dzeko has struggled immensely last season. He had an extremely erratic form and was out for multiple spells through injury. I still strongly believe that Dzeko is the type of person who need consistent games to show his true colours and last season only proved that. As Manuel Pellegrini lost more and more faith in Dzeko, he in turn struggled more and delivered far fewer acceptable performances. With only 4 goals in 22 Premier League games, Dzeko’s record is the worst in City’s attacking arsenal, with even Bony having a better goal to game ratio (0.2). Worse still, Dzeko continues to underperform in other areas with having the lowest shot accuracy (41%), lowest passing accuracy (77%), lowest number of chances created per game (0.5) and the second lowest percentage of duels won (46%) out of all of City’s strikers.

This only goes to show how much he has struggled last season, and if you compare it to what he did the season previous to that, it is easy to see how far he has fallen:

As you can see, Dzeko’s statistics have decreased in pretty much every area. This only goes to show how much he is lacking in confidence and game time as his goal tally has decreased by 300%. Technically, Dzeko is still a very good player with his passing accuracy and duels won having actually gone up. It is clear what Dzeko needs is game time and an injection of confidence when playing.

However, it is hard to forget how much Edin Dzeko has done for Manchester City in his 5 years. He has helped them win their first title in 44 years in the 2012/13 season and scored the equalising goal against QPR in that final day of the season. Furthermore, he was crucial in the 2nd title, replacing the then injured Aguero to score some very important goals to take City above Liverpool.

In the end, the time has come for Dzeko and although his departure will not heavily affect City, he will have left some amazing memories there and left as a true blue. If City manage to get the £20 million they want for him, he will go a long way to making sure a good replacement is found for him who can serve City faithfully for as long as he did and as well as he did for some time to come.


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