What next for David De Gea after his botched Real Madrid move?

What next for David De Gea after his botched Real Madrid move?

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There has been much speculation over the summer months regarding the future of David De Gea. At one point a move to Real Madrid looked imminent for the Manchester United Goalkeeper, but in the last couple of days of the transfer market the deal did not manage to get completed, with Real Madrid blaming United for unsent faxes about the transfer being the reason this fell through. The Red Devils have hit back at this claim, saying that Real Madrid deliberately sabotaged the deal so that they can sign De Gea for free at the end of the season.

So what next for the Manchester United star? So far this season De Gea has been left out of the first team as Louis Van Gaal wanted to make sure he was in the correct mind set to play at his best for the club. Now that the deal has not gone through though, there isn’t really much dispute that he is bound to be reinstated as their number one goalkeeper – he is by far their biggest talent in this position, and Van Gaal will be unwise to keep De Gea out of the first team just because he showed interest in another club. Even though De Gea had made no secret of wanting to be in Spain playing for Real Madrid, he does give the impression of being extremely professional, so it is unlikely he will let this affect the efforts he puts in at United. It has been rumoured that he will be included in the first team for the match this weekend against Liverpool, and he is also playing for Spain in their Euro 2016 qualifiers.

David De Gea is only 24 years old, and has already been ranked as one of the world’s best goalkeepers. Starting his career at Atletico Madrid, he them moved to Manchester in 2011 for £17.8 million. He has made over 150 appearances so far for United, and has also made numerous starts for the Spanish national team.

The biggest worry for United is that De Gea only has 12 months left on his current contract, so if they fail to get him to sign a new deal with them then they could find themselves letting him go for free next summer, which would be huge blow to the club that could have potentially got £29 million for him this year. The January transfer window therefore could be exciting, as it will remain to be seen if Real Madrid try to revive the deal then, or perhaps one of their Spanish rivals may decide to put a bid in?

It is imperative that David De Gea rebuilds his relationship both with Louis Van Gaal and Manchester United, as not being picked regularly may scupper his chances of featuring for Spain in Euro 2016, as his fitness levels would not be anywhere near sufficient enough. This could also prevent Real Madrid from wanting to put in another offer for the player.