What are the best betting apps for football?

What are the best betting apps for football?

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Channeling your passion for football into some profitable opportunities is a nice way to add some cash (or even a steady income) out of your pure instinct for the game. It’s also one of the favourite pastimes for any fervent fan.

However, with the rise of modern technology, nobody really wants to go through the ordeal of driving to their local bookie just to place a bet, at least not in times when you don’t want any hassle before the game starts. Luckily, most online betting operators have realized the importance of adapting to your need for simple and easy betting and created mobile apps for your convenience.

Although, to be fair, this new conquest of the mobile market is only partly owed to the player’s convenience and has more to do with staying on top of the competition. Online casinos have had the upper hand for years when it comes to mobile wagering, especially when it comes to bonuses, loyalty rewards and entertainment. If you don’t believe it, just check out the selection in  this casino review written by Casinoshorts.com

Whatever their initial motivation, the comfort of having your favourite bookmaker always within the reach of your fingertips is something to be applauded. And nobody does that comfort better than the following apps do:


Bet 365

Probably the most popular football betting app, Bet 365 is an app that can be used on both iOS and Android devices. The app offers all the services you would expect from Bet 365’s desktop platform like live Match Live, Live Streaming, In-match Alerts, etc, but in a compact and easy to navigate platform. Getting from menu to menu is as intuitive as you would expect of any quality app, and taking care of your bets, bonuses, and cash-outs is a breeze. However, probably the best thing about getting the app is the deposit bonus you can receive by signing up (£200).


The Ladbrokes app wears the site’s original colors proudly, but also its ease of getting around and finding your bets. The trending bets can be easily found on the main page and getting to the daily trebles and four-folds can be done in just a few finger taps. But what’s great about the Ladbrokes app is that it offers a nice live streaming selection, though not as big as Bet365’s, but still great, especially when you consider the options for mobile devices.  In fact, the only downside might be the lack of very exciting bonuses, but that shouldn’t be a problem to most.


Will Hill

Another app that took what’s best of the desktop platform and offered it in a compact format – The William Hill app is definitely one of the top picks. The app can be installed on both iOS and Android devices and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to looks, performance and ease of use, especially in newer displays. Navigation is simple and smooth, and you can expect to find any service that you would in the desktop version, although the in-play option is not as good as in other apps. Will Hill also offer rewards that are exclusive to mobile players, which makes the app even more desirable.


If there are two words to describe the SkyBet app, those would be “quality design”. Being sponsored by the Sky Sports franchise, the SkyBet app impresses with its design and performance, which is particularly noticeable in iOS devices. The betting options go well beyond football, as SkyBet also offers Film, Politics and Music Betting, and the navigation is simple and smooth. However, SkyBet is not really an app for the serious punter, because the odds can often become disadvantageous and the promotions are not that plenty.

888 Sport

Sport 888 is slowly securing its hold on the football betting domain and their app is only another step in offering punters an easy and convenient way to bet on their favorite games. The app runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices and finding the top bets is very easy to do from the list of events and top markets. The selection of games is as wide as the desktop version and so are the bet types. The app also offers live bets and streaming, where you can easily track the stats and see your cash-out. All in all, a great app for any zealous punter on the move.