Was Arturo Vidal a good signing for Bayern Munich?

Was Arturo Vidal a good signing for Bayern Munich?

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Before we break down the analysis of this deal, lets break down the actual transfer fee itself.

Arturo Vidal is set to earn a whopping €10 million a year, making him the second highest paid player not only at Bayern but also in the Bundesliga. The transfer fee is €37 million and this will be paid over the next two years, confirmed by Juventus via a statement sent to their investors, this could rise by €3 million “based on certain sporting objectives”

“We want to write history and win a [Bundesliga record] fourth consecutive league title. We need protagonists, who have already achieved that. He embodies it,” stated sporting executive Matthias Sammer

“Complexity is his middle name. He’s got two good feet, he’s a strong player, his technical abilities are good, he often scores the opening goal and he is tactically flexible. He embodies a winner by the way he plays.”

Vidal won four consecutive titles and almost completed the treble this year with his former team Juventus.

“I’m very happy,” Vidal told Bayern’s official website. “This is a new step in my career and I hope I do well here. I want to help the team and win trophies. It’s a dream come true for me personally. 

“I wanted to take another big step forward in my career. I want to keep developing as a player and win important trophies like the Champions League. I think the best opportunity to do so is with Bayern.

“We [Juve] weren’t a long way off winning all three competitions last season. I hope we can pull it off with Bayern. That has to be the target.”

Vidal even addressed the disheartened Juventus fans:

“It’s a very special day and I want to send heartfelt greetings to all the Juventus fans in the world.

“Thanks for these four fantastic years together. I would like to wish you the best luck in the world and I promise you will always be in my heart. Always a Juventino at heart. Arturo.”

If you’re always a Juventino Vidal, you wouldn’t have left, but, I digress, for Bayern as a team does this move actually make sense and will Vidal fit in?

Yes, the 28-year-old Chilean work horse can fit in at any team because of his tenacity, every coach loves a player that’ll run a full 90 minutes, back and forth and really isn’t afraid to get dirty. After the departure of German starlet Bastian Schweignsteiger, it was obvious that their was a gap in the middle of the park that needed to be filled with grit. Vidal will provide that bite in Bayern’s overall team play that they lacked last year. When you think of Xabi Alonso and Philip Lahm, you think of class and elegance, with Vidal its opposite and that’s what Bayern sorely missed last term. On paper, its ideally a like-for-like swap (Vidal and Schweinsteiger) except the Chilean has more grit and more pace then his counterpart.

No, Pep Guardiola doesn’t play that kind of football. Look at Barcelona when he was at the helms, the player with the most bite was Busquets, the man who goes down with a gust of wind. Pep likes to play what I call, the ugliest beautiful football, the one touch passes, the give and go’s, but also the boring pass it around the defence for about 20 minutes until we know what to do. None the less, Vidal’s engine goes to waste and Vidal isn’t at the technical level Schweinsteiger is.

In recent years players who are in Serie A and are highly rated have moved abroad and not really recreated their great form. Antonio Cassano, during his tenure at Roma he was bound for greatness, goes to Real Madrid, can’t find his feet. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, plays well in Serie A, goes to Barcelona and accuses coach Pep Guardiola that he was driving a Ferrari like a Fiat. Vidal will be able to perform at Bayern, just not as well as he did at the Old Lady, forget the depth the Bavarians posses in midfield, although in Italy players all say it is the most tactical league there is, Vidal is going to have to adapt to a brand spanking new form of tactics under Guardiola which a lot of players fail to adapt to. Thats the part that’ll separate Vidal from the rest of the team, he won’t be able to beat the drum like the rest of the team but he will perform.

The move makes sense for Bayern Munich, they made a like for like swap basically and used the money from Bastian to fund a move for Arturo, basically the younger version. Even for the ever so spry Vidal, this deal makes perfect sense, guaranteed top flight football, stardom beyond his wildest dreams, and a fat cheque with his name at the end of every year for playing the sport you love, he’s nearing the peak of his career, football players don’t have a very long career so some just got to make as much money as they can while their still kicking…..literally.