Premier League generates more revenue than any other league in Europe

Premier League generates more revenue than any other league in Europe

The Premier League is found to generate £447,688,000 for the UK, more revenue than any other football league generates for its home country, according to a recent study by GoEuro.


Cities that are home to Premier League teams generate £447,688,000, more revenue than any other European league. The German Bundesliga is the closest second, generating only £238,695,000, just over half of the UK’s total.

The study measured the total revenue generated by the League based on accommodation, inner-city and national transport and food and drink. Unsurprisingly inner-city transport and food and drink are the biggest money makers, with nearly £128m and just over £147m generated respectively by each across all UK host cities.

The sum of all factors found London on top as the host city with the most revenue in the Premier League, generating nearly £135m, only £50m less than the entire revenue generated for France’s Ligue 1. This is easy to understand with London hosting five of the twenty Premier League teams, Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Tottenham and West Ham. London was followed by Manchester, generating an impressive £69,810,000 as home to both Manchester United and Manchester City teams.

Over 14 million spectators flock to the 20 stadiums in the 13 Premier League host cities in the UK. The League has 20 teams that front one another in 380 matches over the season, and while most spectators are locals, 1,379,000 are travelling away fans. It comes as little surprise then that the UK league comes out on top with revenue then when you look at the number of fans and games the Premier League hosts each year.

However, GoEuro’s Football Price Index, published in 2015, showed the price of tickets and travelling to games in the UK was significantly more expensive than in other countries. This then begs the question, are there more dedicated fans or does it just cost more to be one in the UK?

Total revenue generated by each UK host city to the Premier League

  • London – £134,337,000

  • Manchester – £69,810,000

  • Liverpool – £43,884,000

  • Birmingham –£30,630,000

  • Newcastle – £28,124,000

  • Sunderland – £22,860,000

  • Leicester – £16,668,000

  • Southampton – £15,850,000

  • Norwich – £14,544,000

  • Stoke-on-Trent – £13,658,000

  • Watford – £11,118,000

  • Swansea – £10,927,000

  • Bournemouth – £5,836,000


Amit Singh is the editor of Think Football and contributes for a number of other football websites, follow on twitter @Think_Football