Is Chelsea’s transfer policy to blame for their poor start to the...

Is Chelsea’s transfer policy to blame for their poor start to the season?

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Chelsea won at West Brom but this merely marked wider problems. The side have started the season terribly with four points from three games and now sit five points behind Man City. It may only be August but this is a big gap to make up even in a short space of time. Chelsea have given themselves a lot of work to do, with the 3-0 defeat at Man City the most damaging.

The side then signed Pedro to improve their fortunes and he had an instant impact. But, the transfer policy appears to be a major problem. Not only in the short term but also in the long term. In the short term they were praised last year for bringing in their signings quickly. But this year they stalled. The side did not bring in any top talent in the summer. They only signed like for like squad players The first team wasn’t improved at all. This was a serious error which led to a last minute deal for Pedro who they could have signed way in advance.

Long term the strategy hasn’t been good. There are numerous examples of signings who have just failed to make an impact. Juan Cuadrado has just been loaned to Juventus and was a good example, as was the failure of Mo Salah and perhaps even Andre Schurrle. Chelsea stock piled attacking midfielders and Jose Mourinho appeared to not rate many that highly. It didn’t work. Marko Marin has also been moved on.

The issues to the squad are also clear in defence. They sold David Luiz last summer for £50 million which was great but didn’t bring in a new centre-back. Last year they played with Kurt Zouma as their only back up centre-back. This season with both Cahill and Terry off form there isn’t enough cover. Now John Stones is being chased for about £40 million.

Chelsea’s transfer policy has been one of stock piling forward players and youngsters and it’s left them imbalanced. Arguably even signing Diego Costa was an error given his proneness to injury. The powers that be signed two back up forwards, Loic Remy and Radamel Falcao, both of whom are equally as susceptible to injury.

The acquisition of such players all suited to a 4-2-3-1 makes changing formation problematic, as Chelsea’s squad isn’t best balanced.  With this in mind you’d be worth having a go with MAXBETS risk free bonus to see if Chelsea will sign someone else. It is likely as the club are now panicking and linked with Paul Pogba as well as John Stones.