Four reasons Arsenal must sack Arsene Wenger

Four reasons Arsenal must sack Arsene Wenger

1) Never won back to back titles

People talk about Arsene Wenger as a legend of British football. His record in terms of trophies though isn’t that good. In fact over his time at Arsenal it is poor given that the club are regarded as a top club. He’s been at the club for 20 years and delivered just three league titles. That isn’t good enough. In that period he never won the coveted back to back titles that any great team wins. Jose Mourinho did this and Sir Alex Ferguson won three on the spin. This is what separates the good teams from the absolutely great. Regardless of a season unbeaten he never followed it up.

2) Hasn’t developed a top player in ages

Arsene Wenger was famed for bringing through young stars at Arsenal such as Theirry Henry but in the last 10 years who has he produced? Many of the young players he’s bought have simply stagnated. Theo Walcott for instance has gone nowhere. Jack Wilshere even has hardly turned into a top player whilst Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has similarly stalled.

3) Didn’t step up with the onset of the Abramovich era

When Abramovich came the bar was raised. Ferguson, like a true great, rose to the challenge and saw off the threat. Wenger paled in comparison and hasn’t won a league title since 2004. This is indicative of a man who is no longer at a level where he is good enough to compete. The failure to win the title this season marks a clear example of the lack of winning mentality that Wenger has. Arsenal should have won the league in a year where Leicester are top. Spurs will now finish above Arsenal to add further embarrassment.

4) Has consistently failed in Europe

If Arsenal consider themselves to be a top club then Wenger’s record in Europe is laughable. He got them to a final in 2006 but since then they’ve barely been able to get past the second round. It’s been nothing short of absolute failure. How can he deem himself a top manager when he hasn’t won the European Cup? Mourinho had won two. Wenger is a good manager, or perhaps was a good manager, but he is now redundant.

With Binary Uno charting the investment worth of clubs, surely the valuation of Arsenal will go down with their continued stagnation and lack of on pitch success, even if they are financially rigorous off of the pitch.

Amit Singh is the editor of Think Football and contributes for a number of other football websites, follow on twitter @Think_Football