Football’s very own Game of Thrones

Football’s very own Game of Thrones

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Football’s Very Own Game Of Thrones

With the next Game of Thrones season well into filming, it is now less than a year until we become engulfed in Westeros once more. Like most of us, GOT withdrawal symptoms means making a connection to the show via any means possible once it has finished. With this in mind and coinciding with the near beginning of the football season, which GOT characters match up to a footballing parallel?

Beware! This does contain spoilers.

Tywin Lannister – Sir Alex Ferguson

What could be a better way to start things off? The two bosses of their respective fields. Both are fiercely competitive and will literally do anything to get to the top and win. The pair seem to have a pretty good knack for winning, even when the odds seem stacked against them, with brilliant tactical noose. It’s best not cross these two either, with neither afraid to get rid of a big star or two. For Fergie, it was a case of Becks going to Madrid. For Tywin, it was just a simple case of getting rid of his own son.

Jon Snow – Steven Gerrard

Another fairly obvious one. Two great competitors who are fiercely loyal to where they come from and belong. For Snow, that means being loyal to the Stark’s and the watch. Whereas for Gerrard, he did put in 18-years’ worth of service to Liverpool. Although both showed such tremendous loyalty, it seemed both were dumped in fairly harsh circumstances. Jon Snow was murdered….. Steven Gerrard just released.

Tyrion Lannister – Lionel Messi

The pair definitely don’t look alike. But they have lots more in common than might meet the eye. The pair were both told they were too small to make it to the top, but they make up for physical stature with quick wits. Both are tactically astute, and deadly skilful in their respective fields. Both are loyal to where they come from, except perhaps more so from Messi. As of yet he hasn’t shot any of his managers with a crossbow.

Joffrey Baratheon – Joey Barton

Although Joey Barton seems charming off the field, this comparison is made on the field. Both love a bit of play acting and certainly aren’t afraid to go around handing out their own version of justice. Although Barton has never ripped out someone’s tongue. The pair also both rate themselves a bit too highly, with quite frankly not a lot to back it up.

Jamie Lannister – Cristiano Ronaldo

An obvious pairing! Both are coming towards the end of truly stalwart careers, with title galore between them. However, Ronaldo has never pushed any children out of any windows. The two are pretty much the best at what they do and love reminding us all just how good they are at doing it.

There are undoubtedly plenty more which could have been mentioned. Pepe seems to have a burgeoning resemblance to the Hound. Whereas you could see Mesut Ozil and Little Finger being on the same team together. Perhaps it highlights why both Game of Thrones and the premier league are so wildly successful. Because there more similar than you might think!