El Classico – The biggest football game on the planet

El Classico – The biggest football game on the planet

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El Classico – The biggest football game on the planet 

As far as sporting rivalries go, it doesn’t get much bigger than the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Two of the best football teams on the planet (and they have been for ages), every single time these two teams square off against one another it’s fireworks.  Millions of people all over the world set their schedules around these games – called El Classico – and it’s easy to see why.

This is a chance to watch the World’s best footballers square off against one another. Every single time these teams have met on the pitch it has been electric, and this coming match (on 2 April 2016) is poised to deliver the same kind of experience.

To better prepare for this next fixture of El Classico, we’ve put together this quick guide. Check out all of the information we have below to learn about the fixture’s history, the rivalry and the major players that will be kitted out for this upcoming match.

A quick breakdown the El Classico history

Believe it or not, the El Classico grudge match goes back a lot longer than most people think. This is a rivalry far older than FIFA itself, even older than the inception of the Blaugrana side of the duel in 1899. This is a rivalry that has roots close to 300 years old!

Almost three centuries ago, Catalonia was regarded as the most civilized area of Spain – a real bastion of learning, science, art, and culture. The Catalan people enjoyed their own sovereignty from Spain, and had even installed their very own (highly functioning) government.

But that all came crashing to an end when General Franco aimed to bring together the markedly different areas of Spain under one banner. Ever since, these two cities have been at one another’s throats – and it’s just natural that their football teams would be as well!

There simply isn’t a bigger rivalry in all of football than the El Classico games. This is so much bigger than the game of football, and a lot closer to a proxy war.

This rivalry really started to ignite during the 1950s, with the transfer of Alfredo Di Stefano. According to the history books, a misunderstanding stemming from a Colombian club that the player was leaving led to Di Stefano signing with BOTH Real Madrid and Barcelona – an unprecedented moment in history. Eventually, the player chose Real Madrid over Barcelona and a psychological war started.

All told, 34 players have moved from one of these two teams to the other. Players usually aren’t embraced by their old fan base after making the switch, with one player welcomed back to the Barcelona pitch by having a pig’s head thrown at him in 2002.

Things definitely get heated!

The 2 April 2016 match is poised to be another spectacular showdown

the clasped hands of a young man patterned with the flag of the Futbol Club Barcelona, also known as Barca
the clasped hands of a young man patterned with the flag of the Futbol Club Barcelona, also known as Barca

These matches have always been very close and well fought, with neither side really gaining a competitive advantage over time. Real Madrid has 92 wins to Barcelona’s 91, which makes this upcoming match critically important if Barcelona wants to pull even historically.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for football fans all over the world to watch the best and most expensive players on the planet.  No less than six of the world’s greatest players (three on each side) are going to be featured in this game, giving football fans an amazing match to watch.

If you are a devoted follower of either of these two clubs, or even if you are just a football fan in general, you want to be sure that you put 2 April 2016 on your calendar.

The world’s greatest players have the chance to go head to head once again

As we touched upon above, no less than six of the world’s greatest players are going to be featured in this match.

On the Barcelona side you have Neymar (€86M), Luis Suarez €43M), and Lionel Messi (€120M) – and on the Real Madrid side you have Cristiano Ronaldo (€94M), Gareth Bale (€100M), and Karim Benzema ( €35M). Not only are these some of the best footballers in the World, but also the highest paid and regulars in all of the major championships. The teams are also evenly matched by total player value.


This is the biggest  all-star game you’re going to watch, with the action and intensity you would expect of a World cup final.  Be sure to watch this match and see all these amazing players on one pitch.

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Amit Singh is the editor of Think Football and contributes for a number of other football websites, follow on twitter @Think_Football