Does Paul Pogba need to stay at Juventus to further his career?

Does Paul Pogba need to stay at Juventus to further his career?

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The Paul Pogba extravaganza continues to be banded around the ever illusive transfer market. The past few weeks have seen outspoken interest from Barcelona, Manchester City, Real Madrid and even Chelsea.

The Catalan giants had a 80m euro bid rejected for the French international, and it is evident that if the Juve sensation is to move elsewhere, a somewhat higher figure will need to be discussed.

It is also expected that financial giants Manchester City are looking to lodge a bid of 100m euros to try and capture one of the hottest talents in world football currently.

However, what is often ignored in this merry go round madness is what is best for the player. At this moment in time Pogba’s best move in terms of career development is to prolong his stay at his current club for another season.

A recent survey carried out on the Football Tribes app (a free social opinion polling tool for football fans worldwide) showed that 75% of users concurred that Pogba should stay at Juve for one more season. Why? Well…

It is easily forgotten that he is still just 22, meaning a decade at least of top flight football ahead of him. There is no rush for Pogba – especially with Juventus’ recent Champions League final appearance, Serie A title win and some big signings in Khedeira and Dybala. Which could even mean going one step further in European domination for Juventus.

Additionally, Pogba is thriving in being the integral part of Juve’s team. Which also guarantees every minute of football played when he’s fit. Would he also be guaranteed the same at Barcelona?

Many also forget that the 2016 Euro’s in France are just around the corner. What better way to prepare to be the star of your nation than to continue for another season at the club where you’re the most valued player and playing your best football? A change of country, club and playing style could prove consequential with the Euro’s round the corner.

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