Does Jack Wilshere deserve to go to the Euros?

Does Jack Wilshere deserve to go to the Euros?

With the Euros only a month away we discuss whether the Arsenal mans inclusion is a likely prospect.

An energetic dynamism in midfield, his quick mazy runs have instigated many an attack yet has blighted what has looked like a prosperous career. On too many occasions has his loose style of control or overplaying nature left his ankles exposed to the punishing obliterations of the oppositions tackle.

He was one of England’s long-term prospects, with the potential to overcome what before this season looked like a lack of deep lying midfield options. However with the successful transition from centre back to defensive midfield, Eric DIer has looked like an imposing figure that has gracefully adjusted to his new responsibilities.  At a time when English talent has reached unprecedented heights, Wilshere’s calamitous run of injuries has made him an almost forgotten figure. The rise of the likes of Danny Drinkwater and Dele Alli has only added insult to injury (pardon the pun).

Despite playing just 72 minutes all season, the likelihood of him flying to France isn’t as absurd as it seems, with Roy Hodgson showing a high regard for the youngsters’ talents. He still regards him as one of his key players despite a healthy array of options at his disposal.

Roy Hodgson obviously doesn’t want a repeat of what happened in Rio and sees Wilshere as a partner for Eric Dier to reduce the space the opposition has to play and to cater towards the defensive frailties the country has. In spite of this, the likes of Jordon Henderson, James Milner and Danny Drinkwater are options that have clearly had more successful game time this season.
Theirs no doubt that his potential is unlimited, much like his injury status, but with the sheer depth of the squad and his lack of first team action his selection would seem a little desperate.