Crystal Palace & 4 other teams in the Premier League title race

Crystal Palace & 4 other teams in the Premier League title race

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With the Premier League fully underway, and with one week’s break upcoming, it is the perfect time to do a little analysis about which team is seriously going to take the Premier League Title. Although it has only been four weeks in the EPL, we can see a general trend with the larger clubs. With the current teams’ current performance, it is clear which teams are the top five.

Manchester City – There is no doubt that Manchester City have a serious chance of winning the Premier League. With an undefeated record thus far in the Premier League, City has been playing phenomenally. With 10 goals and 4 clean sheets in 4 games, it is incredibly hard to perform this way in the middle of the season, let alone the beginning four weeks. Additionally, Kevin De Bruyne has completed his transfer from Wolfsburg to City very recently. His presence on the pitch will only add to Manchester City’s stellar performance thus far.

Arsenal – As always, Arsenal does not cease to amaze us. The opening 2 – 0 beating from West Ham was no exception. Yet, as always, it is expected that they will barely manage to secure themselves in the top four. As of now, they are sitting in a slightly precarious position, at 6th place, with a host of other challengers within reach. The only difference between this season and previous seasons is that Wenger has barely used his pocket money in the summer transfer market. Although Petr Cech was absolutely needed, and performed brilliantly in the match against Liverpool, Wenger absolutely needs to spend his money in the spring transfer window to easily compete for the title.

Crystal Palace – Surely you meant a team like Chelsea, right? No. I am completely serious about the Crystal Palace side for this season’s title, or at the very least, a competitive title challenger. And no, it is not just because they signed Cabaye. Defensively, the Crystal Palace side has successfully fended off super clubs such as Arsenal and Chelsea. Their defense and midfield play was above what you would expect from a small-money club, which kept Arsenal on their toes — barely giving them a win — and keeping Chelsea at bay when they could easily have scored an equalizing goal to their 2 – 1 defeat. And with three wins in the last four games, you can tell that their transfers and their offensive plays are working.

Chelsea – This club is pretty self-explanatory, even if they are currently 13th place in the Premier League. Jose Mourinho has once again bought his way into the top three, with his special transfer, Pedro, along with Falcao, and two incoming Brazilian starlets Nathan and Kennedy. He has also bought replacements for Cech and Terry: Begovic and Rahman.

Manchester United – Unfortunately for those who hate Manchester United, they have a serious contention for the title this season. I, myself, am one of those who do not like Manchester teams due to their wealth, but no one can disagree that Van Gaal used his money wisely for this season. Depay, Darmian, and Schweinsteiger are all well spent transfers, and have been performing well for United during their pre-season, and even well into this season. A big reason that they have been doing so poorly is due to Rooney’s old age. He simply cannot perform as well as he used to, and it is becoming increasingly apparent. If Van Gaal can substitute Rooney for Depay or Wilson, they will compete as they did when Ferguson was at the helm.