Can Man city win the champions league?

Can Man city win the champions league?

After a 1-0 victory over PSG, Man City’s desperation to resurge a disappointing season continues. Having reached their first quarterfinals in the clubs history can another English fairytale arise with the sky blues lifting the prestigious trophy?

They have being heavily criticized for being complacent and showing a lack of desire and urgency throughout the season. However, both of these were characteristics absent from their recent performance against Chelsea. For spells of the second half Chelsea found it difficult to get the ball off them with an aggressive approach from City encouraging an attacking mentality. A failure to peter off resulted in the dismissal of Courtois, and Aguero maintaining a deserved hat trick.

However you can’t suggest that their complacent ways have deserted them with the reality being that Chelsea were concentrating more on their summer holidays than the match. A much more stubborn, motivated outfit, in Madrid, is going to be an obstacle they are going to have to counter.

Real Madrid are probably a team that Man City fans would have been desperate to avoid, but for me it’s their best chance of reaching the final. Atletico Madrid is a team that although not renowned for their prolific goal scoring, in comparison to the like of Real Madrid and Barcelona, are more than capable of frustration the opposition. A resilient structured philosophy is the basis of each and every game they play, resulting in a disheartened strike force. Its something that over two legs can severely deflate your confidence and mental strength.

As for Bayern…Well….It would have just created one of the most awkward situations in football, with Guardiola coming up against the side he knows he’s going to manage next season.

With a recent capitulation in the first leg of the tie against Wolfsburg, Real Madrid are by no stretch of the imagination a formidable team.  That’s if you can call them a team. With some suggesting they are merely a gathering of individuals determined to further their name in the history of world football.  Additionally to this, the preferred defensive pairing of Ramos and Pepe are susceptible to a major mistake as well as a moment of madness. Putting these two under constant pressure could be strategy worth adopting.

Providing they can beat Real Madrid, have they got what it takes in the final?

If they want to win it they will have to beat what I consider to be the two best teams in the competition currently. With the lack of experience in this stage of the competition, they are going to have to learn quickly.  With the quality they have its not passed their capabilities, but the other two managers conductive approach to games could be the decisive factor in motivating their team to victory.

Winning the competition is a big ask for a team lacking experience in this stage of the competition. Additionally, I believe their current defensive situation to be too much of an issue when dealing with the most predatory stikeforces, hindering their involvement in the final round of the competition.

Daniel is a 16 years old with a huge passion for writing and football, particularly Liverpool!