Can Arsenal win the title after an inactive transfer window?

Can Arsenal win the title after an inactive transfer window?

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Arsenal fans have reached dizzy heights of hope for this season, they have been building hopes and thinking that the time is ripe for them to finally get the title in their hands, after winning the FA cup and the Community Shield twice and ending the season brilliantly; everyone thought they got the ground to really challenge for the title.

Despite the fact that Arsenal has a brilliant squad; many choices at the middle, much better performances in big games defensively and the presence of game-changers like Mesut Ozil as well as Alexis Sanchez that can really give them the edge, they are taking a huge gamble and experiencing the same mistake once again going into the season 1 or 2 pieces away from a complete puzzle.

Creating the most chances in the league, yet scoring only 3 goals (2 own goals) in 4 matches, fueled the fans demand for a striker, a “Killer” who do not need so many chances to score and can grab the points even when his team is not performing was blindingly obvious to everyone, Wenger has not got it though. Things went from bad to worse for the team with the news that Danny Welbeck will be out until Christmas leaving only one natural striker in the squad till then. Fans who were asking for a better striker than Giroud, now will hope he stay fit and play every game, otherwise not sure they will be in safe hands. In a way or another fans can understand failing to persuade a world class striker to come or pushing a club to sell their best players, putting the club in such a situation and the continuous lack of plan B are neither understandable nor acceptable though.

Another demand for the fans was a defensive midfield cover, fans can no longer see the names of Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini on the team sheet, yet they are one injury away from perplexedly doing so, Francis Coquelin outstandingly emerged last season to save the Gunners as he finally solved that everlasting hullabaloo and decently filled that position. But the question the manager overlooked, what if he got a long term injury?

In the unpredictable world of football everything can happen, this one will be one of the stories to remember if happened as winning the title with no covers in 2 extremely crucial positions, spending only 10 million pounds and not getting the best of starts is an absolute miracle.

The manager will have to get the best out of every player in the squad which still will not be enough, they will need the gods of luck to keep them going without too many injuries especially in the attacking and the defensive midfield positions and most importantly an unexpected turnover in the form of Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott who did not look so comfortable playing upfront.