Are Manchester City going to cruise to the title after their 3-0...

Are Manchester City going to cruise to the title after their 3-0 win over Chelsea?

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The 2015/16 season has seen Manchester City get off to a blistering start, and after 2 games they are top of the table with a goal difference of +6. Somewhat surprisingly, the only teams to have won both their games so far are the two Manchester clubs, Liverpool and Leicester. With most critics having said that it would be Chelsea to retain their title this year, will it be Manchester City instead to win the Premier League?

Just going by the start of the season, currently there is no other club who look like they want to win the Premier League more than Manchester City. Even though both Liverpool and United have won their first two games, they were both close 1-0 wins and both teams (especially United) look slightly rusty still. Chelsea on the other hand have completely fallen to shambles and their world-class defence is looking as weak as Manchester City’s one last season. However, City’s defence this year is looking incredibly strong (almost unrealistically so) and given that their first choice full-backs are out it is unfathomable how they have kept two clean sheets so far. Arsenal have had a torrid start to the season too, with one win and one loss after two games. To be completely honest, it is Arsenal who have had the easiest start to the season with two games against mid-level clubs which should’ve been quite easy given their pedigree.

What has it been for City that makes them look like the current team to beat? Well it has already been discussed. The defence. For the last few years since their first title, City’s defence has looked very lacklustre and often completely disorganised. Suddenly, something in the side has awoken and they have become a solid unit. The Kompany and Mangala partnership is working out splendidly and suddenly the huge £32 million spent on the 24 year old Mangala is seeming to be a great investment. Furthermore, Kompany himself looks to have back the drive and hunger which made him City’s captain in the first place. Kolarov looks a changed man, and someone who can defend and not only attack. Sagna seems to be playing well and considering he came on a free transfer he has been a very good buy for the club and remember this is all without playing Zabaleta and Clichy who would normally be City’s first choice full backs.

In midfield is where City have looked out of this world. Toure is looking hungry and reenergised and Fernandinho is being the silent hero once again, cutting out vital attacks and keeping possession when most needed. The attacking 3 of Navas, Silva and Sterling is working out a treat with Navas’ and Sterling’s pace dragging midfielders out wider to give Silva the space he needs to work his magic. Then up front the pace of Aguero causes teams all sorts of problems and if luck had been on City’s side on Sunday we could have been easily looking at 4-0 going into half-time against Chelsea.

However we must realise that the Premier League is still only 2 games in and that there is still a long, hard road to go before the end. However, from the current forms of the various teams, it seems to be as though it is Manchester City in the lead and with them still to be looking to invest in more players on the transfer market, it is a very good chance we are looking at the winners of the league for this year.


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