Youthful approach helping Spurs towards title push

Youthful approach helping Spurs towards title push

Tottenham have wiped of that inconsistency that has tainted their game for many years now and developed into a team challenging for the title. With deadwood trashed, young players have raised their games and added cohesion to a team that has discovered it’s own identity. The addition of Pochettino has made young players come forward as the main dynamism of the team.

Dele Alli has been compared to the likes of Gerrard and Lampard already, a pressure that he seems to thrive off. His wonderful spin and volley against Crystal Palace was just a teaser of the scale of his talent. He even had the audacity to attempt a back-heeled pass for his first touch in English football. This quality is why he is currently in the list for the best 23 young players in Europe.

The energy and power he has being able to showcase this season has made him pivotal to the intense pressing expected by Pochettino. A similar importance is also on the young shoulders of another England International: Eric Dier. Naturally a centre back, Pochettino has converted him into a comfortable deep lying midfielder. He’s matured and has shown how he can deal with the toughest of opponents.

The likes of Harry Kane and Ryan Mason are huge examples of the rise of home grown English talent. Harry Kane has relieved the Tottenham fans of an early season drought with performances that reminded us of last season’s exploits. His latest three goals have helped Tottenham gain an invaluable run of six straight wins, which has made their title mount more of a reality. The reason Spurs have such good English youth players currently, isn’t because they’ve spent it’s because of the strategy they have built with academy players. In the case of Ryan Mason and Harry Kane they had several stints out on loan at lower league sides in England. Instead of playing in the under 21 leagues endlessly they played against professionals where every game was a rugged battle. The under 21 leagues don’t give you the experience that you need of the English game. They provide you with the opportunity to play against other inexperienced individuals that are struggling to get a break in the first team. Playing in a professional league, allows managers to see not only a players physical ability but also their mental ability as they try to cope with the pressure of playing in front of a large crowd.

It’s a strategy that more English clubs should make if their academies are to be of worth, which currently most are not. The reliance on foreign players is also detriment to the progression of the national team as it aspires to be more competitive in the big tournaments.

The next breakthrough star at Spurs is likely to be Josh Onomah. An agile midfielder who was able to keep out Andros Townsend. The club have high expectations of him and with a contract extension seeled it shouldn’t be long before we are seeing his face on a regular basis.

Daniel is a 16 years old with a huge passion for writing and football, particularly Liverpool!