What do football players use to protect themselves when playing a game?

What do football players use to protect themselves when playing a game?

Ever watched a football game and winced at the mere thought of what a footballer’s body needs to go through in order to be able handle all those tackles? Football players are equipped with professionally made football gear that gives them maximum protection when it comes to hitting their heads or other parts of their bodies.

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Put together here is a list of what football gear is needed to give players protection when they need it most and some ideas of items you can get you hands on you you can see what it feels like to be a professional footballer.


One of the most important pieces of gear a football player will need is a helmet to protect his head. The helmet will have the team logo on it and will be easily recognisable. The insides of helmets were made of leather but it has now reached a level where science is used to provide optimum protection. Layers of foam cells are now inserted in the helmet to ensure a snug fit when you need it most.

Shoulder pads

Similar to helmets, shoulder pads were essentially made of leather but are now replaced by foam sells and synthetic fibres within the protective piece of clothing. As football players need to constantly use their shoulders to make effective tackles, the need for shoulder protection is utterly important. Not only does these pads protect a player’s shoulders, but his collarbone, upper back, and chest, shoulder pads vary, depending on a player’s position and needs.

Pants and leg pads

Once made from canvas, the football players’ pants are now made of nylon, giving them more movability. Some pants are made with extra pockets for padding to ensure even more protection and are known as leg pads. Some football pants are manufactured with thigh, hip, and knee pads sewn into place to prevent the pads from shifting.

Mouth guards

As you probably have noticed when looking at a football helmet, it has a chin strap and face mask. Players are however required to wear mouth guards in order to secure maximum protection. These mould able guards help protect a player’s teeth and may reduce the severity of facial injuries. It can be an uncomfortable piece of gear to wear but as many contact sports can be dangerous for players, wearing them could be the difference between being able to play again after an injury and never being able to play again.

There are many types of gear out there to secure players and to minimise any injuries, but each player prefers a certain make or type of gear. It all depends on the comfort and availability of that specific piece of gear.