Was Chelsea’s biggest mistake selling Romelu Lukaku?

Was Chelsea’s biggest mistake selling Romelu Lukaku?

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Romelu Lukaku is currently the second highest goal scorer in the Premier League with a very respectable nine goals in 13 games, putting him four goals behind Jamie Vardy. Lukaku has been in very good form of late and has also got four assists for his troubles.

Lukaku of course left Chelsea at the beginning of last season with Diego Costa having been signed from Atletico Madrid, making a big money move to Everton. Lukaku has since scored 19 goals in 49 games, which isn’t prolific but certainly is not bad. He is also just 22 years of age.

Against the back drop of his 9 goals in 13, Diego Costa, the man who ousted him from Stamford Bridge has scored just three goals in 11 games. Lukaku is far out performing him and worryingly for Chelsea they have no other options. Loic Remy is injury prone, Radamel Falcao simply isn’t effective.

Lukaku could clearly be used now at a time when Costa is unreliable and so to are the other options. Costa has that goal scoring prowess and is likely to continue as a top forward given his young age. He is fast and strong, which is what Mourinho likes from his forwards, even if he is not the most technically polished player.

Of course the issue is made simpler by the obvious break down in Diego Costa. Lukaku did not want to fight for his chance to play for Chelsea. He took the easy way out and left the club, because he didn’t want the pressure of being on the bench. If he really wanted it and backed himself he’d have stayed. He did not.

That being said, most Chelsea fans would agree that they could use Lukaku as a forward option at the moment. The Belgian has also won 2.3 headers per game and is definitely an aerial threat. All is done now but Chelsea would be better off if they still has the Belgian in their ranks, but that is modern football.