The World’s Most Unique Football Stadiums

The World’s Most Unique Football Stadiums

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Football is a simple game; all you need are a few players, a ball, and a decent football pitch. These pitches however, take the game to the next level. Gone are the stadiums built next to a motorway, here are some of the world’s most unique, and breath-taking football pitches.

Stadion Kantrida, Croatia

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It may host only a modest 10,000 fans, but what the stadium lacks in capacity it makes up for in beauty. Built between a mountain side and the Adriatic Sea, the stadium offers a unique experience to both players and fans alike.

Allianz Arena, Germany

It may have cost an estimated £400 million, but the Allianz Arena really is worth every penny spent. The unique tyre shaped exterior is an architectural masterpiece, but it’s during the night that the stadium really shines – literally.
The entire exterior lights up, creating an incredible image for anybody watching. It’s no wonder that the stadium was chosen to host both the Champion’s League final and the World Cup semi-final in 2006.

Estadio Hernando Siles, Bolivia

At over 3,000 ft above sea level, the Estadio Hernando Siles stadium is enough to give any player vertigo, and by the sounds of it, that’s exactly what’s happened.
Great teams such as Argentina have been beaten by Bolivia on their home-ground, and by beaten, we mean thrashed 6-1!
Fifa have actually tried to ban the use of the stadium, but the Bolivians refused to relinquish their coveted stadium, and it’s still there, and used to this day.

Stade Velodrome, France

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The spectacularly unique design is seen as genius to some, and ugly to others. It may divide opinions, but is has played host to some of the most famous football fixtures in the world. Holding 60,000 fans, it’s held two World Cup semi-finals, and was a vital part of Euro 2016.

Cape Town Stadium, South Africa

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Built in time for the 2010 football World Cup, this $600 million stadium was made for the world stage.
Sat between the iconic Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean, any footballer, manager, or fan would feel a sense of wonder when visiting this architectural masterpiece.
With the 2010 World Cup being one of the most thrilling international football fixtures to date, the stadium has lived up to its incredible reputation on more than one occasion.
Now home to Cape Town City, let’s hope it keeps the crowds coming in, and stunning spectators for years to come.
With the Russian World Cup coming up in 2018, and Qatar in 2022, we’re sure to see some more spectacularly unique stadiums being erected in the near future!
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