The league as it stands

The league as it stands

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As we have rolled into March, the football lover’s worst nightmare is on the horizon, the end of the season, and a summer with no real football to speak of. Chelsea are leading the pack, followed by Spurs, Man City and Arsenal, with Liverpool also coming in and out of contention. At this point, and 15 points ahead of the rest, it seems like Conte’s boys have bagged the trophy in his first season in charge, something Arsenal have not won since 2004, Spurs have never ever won, and Man City have not won since 2014. We were all laughing this time last year when Chelsea were sat in 10th at the end of the season, with one of their worst seasons in a long, long time. Yet again the Arsenal fans are all for the Wenger out brigade, City are hoping on a miracle, and well, Spurs know they will finish below Arsenal despite the current league standings.

As summer is drawing closer, and football leagues will begin winding down, a miracle is needed for anyone to pinch the title from Chelsea. You can get the best odds at BettingTop10. Whether or not you think the title race is over, we all know what the premier league holds, and the way in which things can change in an instance, all it takes is for Chelsea to slip into a losing form (something I cannot see happening), and a team in great form such as Spurs, or Manchester City who have qualified for the next round of the FA cup. With Arsene Wenger’s management position taking a hit from fans and critics, is this something that is achievable by Arsenal, can they pick themselves off after the 5-1 loss to Bayern to win the title? Get all the odds at BettingTop10, I know I can feel a tight finish at the top of the table, would you have the Premier League any other way? We would be disappointed with anything less than a close finish.

Our championship teams that were promoted from last season, Burnley, Middlesbrough and Hull city have had their peaks and troughs in the Premier League. Burnley have been an impenetrable force, pulling off miraculous defence masterclasses against some of the Premier Leagues top teams, seeing them sat in 11th is a fantastic achievement, and an absolute triumph for the team. However, the story isn’t so great for Middlesbrough and Hull City. Though Middlesbrough started off well, with Negredo in fantastic form, they have dropped off of late, and therefore sit just above the drop zone in 17th, with Hull City in 19th. What are your predictions for the drop? Go to BettingTop10 to make your decision on who will be relegated at the end of the season.

Equally, there is a fantastic battle going on for promotion in the Championship, between Newcastle United under Rafa Benitez, Brighton and Huddersfield town FC. It is shaping up to be a very enjoyable league finish, and would be great to see some of these teams back in the Premier league (Newcastle United), and to see some new faces too.