The Home Fixture. Manchester United Vs. Celta Vigo. How will they hold...

The Home Fixture. Manchester United Vs. Celta Vigo. How will they hold up?

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The Europa league is coming to a close, we have seen the first leg of the semi-finals played at Celta Vigo, where Manchester United won 1-0, a rather disappointing and boring performance I must add. The only real bit of fire came from the goal, when Rashford recreated a goal from David Beckham from about 10 yards outside the box. FIRE. The goal in itself encapsulated the game and were lucky to get a goal at all. United were pretty shoddy at times, Celta Vigo actually looked dangerous against them, considering most people don’t really know anything about Celta Vigo exacerbates how poor Manchester United have been this season, despite being 5th in the Premier League table.

So we come into the repeat fixture at Old Trafford, Manchester United 1-0 up on aggregate, and having lost 2-0 to Arsenal at the weekend, are putting everything on the line to win the Europa league so they achieve a Champions League spot for the 2017/18 season, putting all their eggs in that basket, and having given up on making the top 4, Jose has a lot to play for on Thursday night. It would be enviably laughable if Manchester United do not make the top 4 or the champion’s league, especially after their £150 million over-haul bringing in Pogba, Ibrahimovic, Mkhitaryan in the summer.

Do I think Manchester United have what it takes?

I think if I was basing this match against the rest of their season, and especially the part of their season without Zlatan dominating the striker position, they have been lacklustre and pretty damn poor in front of goal, with only the prowess of Rashford to rely on, an underdeveloped, under-experienced youth player, there’s no wonder they have been struggling to absolutely dispatch premier league teams.  This fact reinforced by Rooney’s 1-on-1 with Petr Cech at the weekend where he had Mata as an open goal option, decided to take it on and he missed. Poor choices, poor timing, poor quality, they need to improve drastically if they aren’t to be beaten at the not so sturdy Old Trafford on Thursday evening.

Celta Vigo’s probability?

Celta Vigo will be going for it in this match, with nothing to lose. They have significant ability to move the ball fast, something that will cause United’s defence problems across the park. Celta Vigo keeper Sergio Alvarez kept them in the game with 3 great saves on the night, with them also almost taking the lead when Daniel Wass almost plonked it home from 6 yards. Iago Aspas, the key man will be one to look out for on the return fixture, if they don’t keep control of the key man, United could be in for a tricky night after all.


The evening will be one to remember for Manchester United. Either they can hold on to the lead they have, and introduce the classic Mourinho ‘Park the Bus’ tactic, a very boring strategy indeed. Or they will fight for more goals. If they apply the latter, I can see Celta Vigo snatching a couple of goals, leaving Manchester United behind for the top four spot and the Champions League as a whole. Manchester United V Celta Vigo betting odds will be interesting on the evening. I will have a punt on a 2-1 Celta Vigo win.