Should Spurs Prioritize the Europa League over their hunt for a top...

Should Spurs Prioritize the Europa League over their hunt for a top four finish?

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Tottenham Hotspurs finished in sixth place last season 10 points away from fourth place Arsenal. Since the 2009-2010 season in which they cialis super active played Champions League football they have never been more than 10 points away. Over the course of a 38 game season 10 points is not as big as it sounds.

No doubt manager, Mauricio Pochettino, will fight for that top-four spot with the attendant TV revenues associated with playing in the Champions League next year but those top spots are crowded. Manchester City and Chelsea both look like either first or second place finishers. There’s simply so much depth in both squads that even playing Champions League football in addition to the FA Cup and the Premier League they will both likely finish at or near the top. Olivier Giroud may be out for Arsenal but they are still strong contenders for a top-four finish. Mario Balotteli has now joined Liverpool making a strong side even stronger. They beat Tottenham 3-0 at White Hart Lane recently as well. Manchester United may be lacking synergy at the moment but the aggressive transfer window activity has given them great talent. If they can begin playing as a team they’ll be aggressively seeking a top-four spot as well. Then don’t forget Everton who finished fifth last season three points ahead of Tottenham.

While Pochettino will want that top four spot perhaps that should be balanced with a focus on winning the Europa League. Spurs currently sit at the top of the odds makers’ lists to win this year. Everton, in contrast, sit in seventh place on that list. Spurs completed the first Group C tie beating AEL Limassol 2-1 and 3-0 making a 5-1 aggregate win. Next up they face the Serbian FK Partizan.

Spurs have significant depth this year providing room for rotation. This includes three strikers in Roberto Soldado, Emmanuel Adebayor and the goal scorer against AEL, Harry Kane. Playing in multiple competitions tires a squad and leads to injury. Having enough depth to be able to rest players and shape the lineup to best prepare against the opposition is key to any campaign. Spurs have proven they can win in Europe. A Europa campaign may be their best bet.

However, rumors had been circulating the club is up for sale and an offer may be imminent. The private investment firm, Cain Hoy Enterprises, have now formally announced their interest. If the sale goes through they may set different priorities for Pochettino. A top four Premier League spot followed by Champions League play may be more interesting to them. Either way Spurs have an exciting campaign ahead of them.