Should Liverpool sell Daniel Sturridge this summer?

Should Liverpool sell Daniel Sturridge this summer?

The man who calls the hospital his home has been out for over half his Liverpool career. He’s struggled with foot, knee and hamstring injuries to name just a few, limiting his starts to just 5 matches so far this season. During this time he’s been able to muster four goals, just two behind joint top scorers Christian Benteke and Roberto FIrmino. This doesn’t prove too much though after what’s looking like another season of underachievement.

There is no doubt he’s a quality player. Who’s perfectly suited to the modern game. His agility and turn of pace make him a precarious outfit. Yet this constant unreliability has caused fans to question his mentality and worth to the team. This has instigated him to reconsider a move elsewhere. Surely not helped by the manager’s opinion on the matter saying,  “Your body has to learn to adapt to new intensities of training and in this time you have to learn what is serious pain and what is only pain”. Controversially this has made people consider the idea that Strurridge hasn’t been ruthless enough to deal with slight knocks picked up on matchday or in training. A statement from former Liverpool captain Jamie Carragher further supported the argument believing that “he only played when he felt 100% fit”.  This again could be interrogated, but for strikers especially, being sharp is a necessity to perform at your peak, which is difficult for you to do when your not 100% fit.

The high intensities expected from Klopp could be the reason for his latest setback. Hamstring injuries have been a regular occurrence since Klopp arrived with key players like Coutinho and Lovren also suffering.

There’s a high appreciation of Sturridge due to his talents, which is why there has been this hesitancy to get rid of him. Additionally, with a difficult first season for Christian Benteke, the thought in the back of your mind reverts to the potential that Sturridge could bring should he be fit. However with Benteke misfiring and Sturridge’s unreliable fitness you look to Firmino to set the standard. Although in recent weeks he’s put in some incredible performances he lacks the finishing ability of Daniel Sturridge.

Ultimately, Liverpool will have many offers come the summer if he’s unhappy, but with recent reports of Klopp dismissing his departure in the summer, we should be looking at another determined effort to keep him fit.

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