Should Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho?

Should Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho?

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A split opinion from the football audience would argue for cases for and against Chelsea potentially sacking Jose Mourinho. Primarily this wouldn’t be seen as a move likely to happen, not due to the recent downfall of the club but potentially the money it would cost the club if they carried out with the sacking. A rumoured 37 million pay-out would be the cost of sacking Mourinho at this stage, an extravagant fee. The problems that have faced Chelsea this season just looks to worsen especially after the previous defeat at home to Southampton.

Following this game Jose Mourinho the self-proclaimed ‘Special one’ basically called out Chairman Roman Abramovich, this could be Mourinho’s biggest mistake to date. The summer proved to be a struggle for Mourinho and Chelsea in terms of signings and a terrible pre-season but calling out your chairman is a football mistake. On a few occasions this season Chelsea have looked to be turning a corner for their season, the home wins against Maccabi Tel Aviv and Arsenal respectively looked like they could emerge and go on a run, but the controversy surrounding Diego Costa and Mourinho’s need for the limelight once more looks to have hit Chelsea negatively yet again.

Against Southampton, all eyes were back on Mourinho yet again. The decision to bring Matic on at half time, only to re-sub the holding midfielder can only be described as disrespectful. This is a player who was a pinnacle part of the first team last season in their title winning season, not only that but so much expectation is on his shoulders now that he is a lone figure almost trying to hold the midfield together. Matic is a highly respected part of the Chelsea squad, singling the Serbian out will not go down well with senior members of the first team, notably Branislav Ivanović. Then the seven plus minute rant from Mourinho after the game basically blaming all of the referees in the Premier League of being scared to give decisions against Chelsea, Mourinho is panicking and is really running out of people to blame for his own arrogance and mistakes. What about calling out the under-performing Cesc Fabregas, Oscar and Gary Cahil? How about admitting he made mistakes in the transfer window not signing a top centre half and centre midfielder? Seems everyone else is to blame but Jose Mourinho, but his time will surely come if they continue to struggle in the manner in which they currently are.

Jose Mourinho claimed to best the manager Chelsea has had, he could very well be right but this is currently a situation in his career he has not experienced before and is not dealing with very well at all. There wouldn’t be a shortage of managers who would take this Chelsea job, so unless the situation improves Mourinho may well regret calling out his chairman.