Risk-free profits from football betting promotions

Risk-free profits from football betting promotions

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Betting promotions on football provide fans with an opportunity to make risk-free profits using a technique known as matched betting.

Matchedbets.com is one of a number of websites that remove the gambling element of betting to make money from bookmaker free bets and bonuses. The technique involves placing a real money bet with a bookmaker and betting the selection to lose at similar odds on a betting exchange. This qualifies for a free bet or bonus which can be converted into a guaranteed profit. Matched bettors typically make around £20 from a £25 free bet by applying a mathematical equation to give the same profit regardless of whether the free bet selection wins or loses.

There are more than 60 online bookmakers licenced to take bets from UK customers and most are offering welcome bonuses which can be exploited in this way to make risk-free profits. Matched betting websites have sprung up to help people who don’t have an in-depth knowledge of betting, by providing tools and guides explaining how to use each offer to make a profit.

Tens of thousands of people have taken up matched betting due the potential to earn a regular income from betting offers. While sign up deals are a once-only offer, worth around £1000 when used up, promotions aimed at existing customers can often be used over and over again. Many matched bettors target £500 per month for spending a few hours each week doing the offers but more dedicated people are making more than double this amount. Another big attraction of matched betting is profits are non-taxable as the bookmaker absorbs the betting tax.

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Football betting vies with horse racing to contribute the largest proportion of sports betting revenue and in turn, bookmakers offer many valuable promotions in their competition to attract football betting turnover. Accumulators refunds (Acca Insurance) provide matched bettors with daily opportunities to make money in addition other football related offers such in-play free bets, price boosts and winnings bonuses.

It’s not only football and horse racing promotions, other major sports such as tennis, American football, baseball and darts provide regular opportunities to earn free bets.

The mains tools used for matched betting are odds matching software, which compares the odds on betting exchanges and bookmaker websites to find the most suitable bets to place, and a calculator to work out the ideal stakes to guarantee the same profit no matter the result. With the growth in popularity of matched betting, specialist bet tracking tools have been developed to make it easier to manage free bets and maintain an accurate record of matched betting profits. Other tools have been designed to simplify popular offers like the aforementioned Acca Insurance and horse racing money back offers.

Matched betting tools have made the technique accessible to a wide audience which may otherwise have little interest in sports and betting. Students, stay at home parents, carers and the retired use matched betting to boost their income while sports bettors are increasingly recognising the benefits of taking guaranteed profits rather than risking their money on the vagaries of sporting chance.