Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp, Is this the perfect match?

Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp, Is this the perfect match?

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The Jurgen Klopp effect is already kicking on and the fans even before his official announcement have reached dizzy heights of hope, believing that finally the time is ripe for the old Liverpool to be back.

The spark and energy of the toothy, floppy-haired German is more than needed by the enthusiastic crowd who are daring to dream again and looking to the man who achieved outstandingly impressive records before in Dortmund to bring the big titles back to the Anfield.

Undoubtedly, Jurgen Klopp is a brilliant manager technically, winning 2 league titles and nearly winning the Champions League with a team which was not on Europe’s elite map for years actually is more than enough to prove his qualities, also his ability to galvanize and invigorate the team can kick-start of new era at the club.

Looking to the other side of the coin, the way his magically passion-soaked journey at Dortmund came to an end may pop some questions up. Can we expect a similar thing to happen in Liverpool who there’s squad is not among the best in the league? After he lost his best players he hugely suffered, same happened with Rodgers?

The way Klopp acts under pressure is yet to be tested, he always enforced the idea of his side as the underdog bidding to write themselves into folklore. Looking on what is expected from him, I think he will live long periods under pressure which will be exciting to see.

Going back to last season, where everything went wrong for him without his brilliant Polish striker- Robert Lewandowski, somehow can be compared to what happened to Rodgers without his attacking force of 2013-2014 season when he nearly won the title. What Klopp made all over his time in Dortmund was a magnificent transformation and been remarked by tangible achievements which is not the case with Rodgers in Liverpool winning nothing yet spending extremely big money with no signs of improvement and that maybe created a difference between two nearly similar events.

All in all, replacing Rodgers was a must if the club is serious about improving but I think it is only a step there, Klopp seems the perfect man to get the passionate fans behind his back which the Reds were crying out for, with his powers of motivation and inspiration the Reds may be hitting their peak fast and go for third or fourth spot which seem attainable this year.