Is Wayne Rooney the most over-rated player of his generation?

Is Wayne Rooney the most over-rated player of his generation?

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Wayne Rooney burst onto the scene as the most highly rated player of his generation. English fans and the English press lauded him as the second coming. His break through season at Everton was way back in 2002-03, many moons ago. In 2004 he went to the Euros and was brilliant, making people believe that England were upon a world beater, a white Pele.

Almost 12 years on though and he hasn’t really lived up to expectations. His performances for England have been frankly poor with Rooney failing to register a goal in 2006 World Cup and at World Cup 2010. Rooney scored his first World Cup goal in 2014, his only ever goal at the major international tournament. This is not the work of a world class player.

Aside from that he has been awful for United this season with just two domestic goals. If we analyse his league career it has been one that has not ever been truly brilliant. The reason Sir Alex Ferguson signed Robin van Persie was surely because he knew Rooney was never a prolific player. Some may argue he’s been played out of position but any top attacking player should produce more goals. Rooney has scored 20+ goals just twice in 11 full seasons at United. Hardly the stuff of a world class forward.

Rooney’s only 30 years old. He has won a lot with his club but in truth has never looked like a genuine world class player. Right now he looks redundant and as if United need to move him on. He isn’t producing top quality performances and too often goes missing. His goal scoring record is also not good enough for a player paid so well. Has he been good? Of course but he’s never been world class, not for long enough to be considered an elite player. Over-rated perhaps seems harsh but given the ratings he had when he was younger and given his huge salary rumoured to be up to £300,000 he definitely isn’t worth it. Would any top clubs want him? Probably not.