Is Paul Pogba worth the £100 million gamble?

Is Paul Pogba worth the £100 million gamble?

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It’s the potential summer transfer that has polarised opinion. Many United fans appear giddy with excitement at the possible return for the midfield powerhouse, however the quoted nine figure sum that it may take to recoup him has risen more than a few eyebrows. For me Pogba is worth the risk. £100 million sounds ridiculously expensive (and it is), but the name markets itself and at a club of Manchester United’s stature, the Red Devils would no doubt profit from shirt revenue and merchandise associated to the Frenchman.

It’s fair to say the market has gone mad. No Pogba isn’t worth £100 million, but is anyone? When you put things into the relativity of footballer valuations, one would consider Pogba twice as good as John Stones or Raheem Sterling. Sterling sold for approximately £50 million and Stones is apparently valued at a similar amount. These are examples of unproven players coming with inflated prices. Certainly when you look at it like this, I’d rather acquire potentially the world’s best midfielder in a few years, for a fee which carries a little bit of inflation. Plus it sends out a statement – a warning. Everyone knows who Pogba is, his name holds much gravitas. It would not only lift the players in the squad but also everyone associated with Manchester United Football Club that perhaps, despite all the failings of recent years, the club are now in an excellent position to return to the glory years of Sir Alex Ferguson. It looks like he’s going to United and there are various promotional codes available that can be used to guess if this is correct.

Eight goals and twelve assists in Serie A last season is fairly respectable for a man starting deep in the midfield. Okay nothing spellbinding, but Pogba is much more than the goals or the direct assists that he earns. He is the figure that Juventus channel their play through, springing diagonal balls to the flanks, picking out the forwards with a lofted pass, or nonchalantly skipping away from two midfield challengers. United have needed high end midfield quality for a number of seasons now. He has a similar passing ability to Paul Scholes, but also the physical presence and mercurial talent in the midfield that United have been missing for some time. People have said that Blaise Matuidi would be a good option to plug that midfield gap and while I agree that he is an excellent, all-action type of player, he doesn’t possess have that Pogba ‘X-Factor,’ and you can’t help but feel there would be this sense of disappointment if he rolled up at Old Trafford instead of Pogba.

There are so many reasons to lambast the figure on Pogba and condemn the ludicrous amounts of money being bandied about. But I doubt there would be too many supporters in the red corner of Manchester complaining. They have suffered for a few years now but now, this summer it seems, the dreams are finally returning to the theatre.