Is Eden Hazard making it hard for other wingers to succeed at...

Is Eden Hazard making it hard for other wingers to succeed at Chelsea?

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Andre Schurrle gave an interview discussing the reasons he left Chelsea. Primarily he said he did not have the trust of Jose Mourinho. He did also point at other factors, noting that the primacy of Eden Hazard on the left wing caused problems for the right winger.

Schurrle commented:

“It’s even harder for the wingers as there are only two in the team and Eden plays always, as he’s the best player in the league.

“So you have one position on the right wing, which was between Willian, Oscar, myself, sometimes Mata, occasionally De Bruyne.

“The other thing is that Eden is given more freedom so the other winger has to work even harder.

“You have to work for that freedom, and Eden deserves it as he creates everything up front. He scores goals and makes assists so it’s right he should have that freedom.

“It’s a bit different for the right winger. You have to work back a little bit more. When one player gets more freedom the rest of the team has to adjust, but it makes it a little bit more difficult to play on the right side.”

These are interesting comments that shouldn’t be dismissed as bitter ramblings of a former player. Interestingly many wingers have fallen out of favour at Chelsea and been sold. Mo Salah, Juan Cuadrado and of course Schurrle. The only winger to survive has been Willian who has is very hard working and has adapted to the style required by Mourinho.

Pedro has also come in now to strengthen the options and is undoubtedly an absolute class act, so looks like he’ll stay the course. But there is no coincidence that the other wingers have struggled. Hazard is the main man and undoubtedly has a lot more freedom to roam. As Schurrle says he scores the goals and is a creator of chances like none of the other wingers. Willian offers the model of the right wing role that Schurrle couldn’t. Schurrle was more direct and wanted to score, he wasn’t as able to adapt to the defensive side of the game and without being prolific he couldn’t justify his position within the set-up.

Schurrle is right, this is a problem for Chelsea wingers. The solution is that for any young winger coming to Chelsea they have to know to adapt their game in order to fit the style required by Jose Mourinho. You have to be willing to do a team role, in the knowledge that Hazard is the attacking focal point.