Is Danny Rose England’s best left-back?

Is Danny Rose England’s best left-back?

England’s Friday night performance against Germany marked the start of something special. We finally matched then surpassed people’s expectations of us. Every player that played had a part to play. We attacked with great fluidity and movement and defended in numbers with a high intense pressing game that was able to happen due to the youthful look of the team.

Dele Alli stole most of the headlines and not just because of that incredible miss. His efficiency and composure on the ball was commendable. However, their was one England star that that went slightly unnoticed. His name Danny Rose. Making his debut against the World Champions he made it look easy. His defending was immense and even though he didn’t get to showcase his attacking ability on many occasions, when he did it was of high quality and ambition. Even when make shift right back Emre Can looked to have got the better of him, his electric pace was their to get him out of trouble.

After an incredible season with Tottenham and the likes of Leighton Baines struggling to gain consistency with an Everton side that are constantly leaking goals, Danny Rose at the very least should be the current second place left back.

Should Rooney Start?

Figuring out Englands best team is a difficult process especially when you consider the depth the team has for each and every department (apart from centre back). This is only made more difficult on the back of one of the teams best performances with a rather new look team. Is it time to say goodbye to one of the old boys?

Rooney has been overlooked due to the extraordinary exploits of the countries two biggest prodigies, who to make it worse both scored against the world champions. Yet the argument can simply be countered by stating “Its Rooney”.  He’s our top scorer who is capable of moments of magic, yet that’s what the other two in contention are also capable of and showed so in the game against Germany. It’s a tough decision and although he is our top scorer he has only netted six times in competitive tournaments in his entire career, something that’s a lot less magical.

However, this is one performance against a Germany side that seem to play a lot worse in less competitive matches.  In the big tournaments his leadership could be the catalyst in coaching the younger players to their potential.

There is almost a complete divide in people who believe he should start to those who believe we are just wasting a player.  For me, after the recent World Cup disappointment I feel it necessary to dramatically change our emphasis.  By starting a young side that have shown their potential in one of the biggest leagues in the world we are only increasing their confidence by giving them the opportunity to express themselves. If it doesn’t work, it’s not the be all and end all of their careers, simply a learning curb that has the possibility to make them better players.

What centre partnership should be deployed?

It’s easy. Chris Smalling and John Stones.  They have been the two best defenders this season.

Chris Smalling has shone amongst a team that has lacked leaders. His agility accompanied by his strong frame makes him a clear winner.

John Stones has the composure on the ball to instigate patient expansive football.  As well as this, like Chris Smalling, he has the agility to make him difficult to beat in one on ones. However knowing the nature of Roy Hodgson I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rather pessimistic approach in the decision whether to start John Stones.

Daniel is a 16 years old with a huge passion for writing and football, particularly Liverpool!