How will the Premier League finish up?

How will the Premier League finish up?

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It has been quite a season in the Premier League. With Burnley, Middleborough and Hull all coming up from the Championship, the matches have been all but simple across the board throughout the season, as you can quite imagine.

League leaders coming into May are Chelsea, who have remained at the top of the league since November when they finally recovered and grew form the initial 3-0 loss away to Arsenal. Hot on their tail since the turn of the New Year is Tottenham Hotspur, they have certainly clinched number 2 spot. But in typical Spurs fashion, they blew their title hopes in the 1-0 loss at West Ham. However, there is some good news finally for Spurs fans, since they can finally say they finished above Arsenal. For the FIRST time in 22 years. However, it still remains that they currently do not have what it takes to finish top of the table.

The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th spots have all been closely contended throughout the season. Currently we have Liverpool in 3rd, they have played an extra game on the majority of top 6 teams, so their position could ultimately change. Their form has been average, taking great losses, and playing some okay football, I think they have been lucky to end up where they are today. The same applied for Manchester City, Arsenal & Manchester United. All of these teams are currently contending for 4th spot, and none really deserve it. They have all squandered chances all season through. Poor defending, poor attacking, lacking passion. There really is no excuse, and Arsenal have fallen victim to this more than any other team. As I have previously written, here they took a hefty battering in the early stages of 2017, leaving them in a position where they may not get Champions League for the first time in 21 years. A transformation in the last 2 games, but not a team looking likely to finish in 4th. Not unless Manchester City cannot beat Leicester who will certainly be wanting to give it their all.

The remaining matches will be interesting. Chelsea could wholly complete the league challenge this evening against West Brom. I think we all know that should be an easy victory for them, and they should certainly have reason to celebrate this evening.

The bottom of the league is pretty bleak. Who would I be not to discuss those teams threatened by relegation? Middlesbrough, Hull & sadly Sunderland. The current standings see Sunderland having been relegated, as is the same with Middlesbrough. However, Swansea, Hull & Crystal Palace are all battling to keep out of the relegation zone. There is 1 point between Hull & Swansea, and 4 points between Hull & Crystal Palace. Hull must go on to win all of their matches, and Palace or Swansea must drop points if they have any hope of staying in the Premier League. A HUGE game between Hull & Palace is coming on the 14th May, and is one not to be missed. With your bets on this game, you might as well have try your luckĀ at This is a crucial tie for Hull and a must win, it will be a battle, but I hope to see Hull grit their teeth and make it out of the relegation zone, they deserve it, and Marco Silva has been exceptional since joining.


Stay tuned for a full season review.