Four things going wrong for Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool

Four things going wrong for Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool

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1) Transfers

Liverpool’s transfer strategy has been a bit of a shambles. Rodgers has signed a lot of players and sold many of them or loaned them out. He hasn’t signed well at all despite the comings and goings. Millions of pound poorly spent. This has meant that the squad hasn’t grown very much and Rodgers hasn’t developed it very successfully.

2) Problems in defence

Liverpool have been poor defensively in recent years. It cost them the title two years ago as they were rampant in attack but poor defensively. They conceded a lot of goals and had a soft centre. The signings to follow haven’t helped. Dejan Lovren hasn’t come good and Sakho was also an expensive signing for what he has brought to the club. Structurally Liverpool are open at the back and have conceded a lot of goals this season. The lack of an obvious back four hasn’t helped. Rodgers has switched from back threes to back fours and it hasn’t worked. The defensive organization isn’t clear.

3) Problems in attack

Luis Suarez was a huge reason why Liverpool finished second. He masked a lot of problems at the back and was a genuine world class talent, by far the best player in the league. He alone made the difference and pushed Liverpool so close. When he left those issues he was glossing over became more abundantly clear. Liverpool haven’t signed a forward capable of replacing him and now Christian Benteke is the latest big money signing tasked with filling the void. Injuries to Daniel Sturridge haven’t helped either, as he was also crucial at helping the title challenge. This season they’ve scored just four goals in their six games though and lack cohesion going forward.

4) An incoherent philosophy

Rodgers sees himself as someone with a clear philosophy. His Swansea side were a ball playing team who looked to dominate possession and gained a lot of praise for this. At Liverpool they were quick and direct in passing as they challenged for the title but at times the philosophy hasn’t been clear. Various different formations and the regular use of players out of position, such as Danny Ings as a winger or Markovic as a wing-back have disrupted the development of the squad and made it a bit unclear as to what he is trying to do. With all the signings it is also unclear who fits in where and why. Many of the problems stem from this incoherent transfer policy which is making the philosophy appear equally as unclear.