Four reasons Liverpool should sack Brendan Rogers

Four reasons Liverpool should sack Brendan Rogers

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1) Poor signings

One of the fundamental issues for Brendan Rodgers has been some terrible signings made by Rodgers. This arguably isn’t his fault but is more a problem with those higher up, but, it is clear that he has signed off on some players that haven’t worked out. Liverpool have had a lot of comings and goings in recent seasons. Rodgers has wasted money on players such as Fabio Borini and Mario Ballotelli. He’s also spent poorly on players like Dejan Lovren who was £20 million, yet signed by Southampton for £8 million the season prior.

2) A lack of progress

The results haven’t been good. Barring the 2nd placed finish, the club have been stagnating. 8th, 7th, 2nd and 6th are not the finishes of a side improving. If anything the 2nd place finish is an anomaly. Rodgers hasn’t really taken the club on and it doesn’t appear that this season will be better despite a victory at the weekend. Liverpool certainly don’t look like title challengers and even a top four finish seems like it could well be beyond them.

3) Not getting the best out of players

Not only have signings been poor but it doesn’t look like Rodgers is getting the best out of them. Players are routinely played out of position such as Adam Lallana and Markovic (used as a wing back). Danny Ings, a striker, has been used as a winger. Why sign these players only to stick them in unfamiliar territory? It makes little sense. Whilst he got the best out of Luis Suarez, he has been unable to do this with other players. This is one reason for the high player turnover.

4) An unclear philosophy

The number of tactical changes at the club are quite staggering. 4-4-2, 4-3-3 5-3-2 or a 3-2-3-2. It’s all a bit all over the place. Rodgers came in as a manager with a clear philosophy but thus far it hasn’t been imprinted on the squad. He hasn’t developed a clear ethos or style of play. Nobody could say there is a trade mark Liverpool way. They were exciting going forward with Suarez in the side but this was more out of him carrying the side than any tactical genius on Rodgers part.

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