Footballers & Their Cars

Footballers & Their Cars

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It’s common knowledge that being a professional footballer equals a whopping pay check each week, but what exactly are those hundreds of thousands spent on? One thing they never seem to shy away from is fancy cars, check out some of the most expensive and outlandish cars owned by footballers.

William Gallas – Chrome McLaren Mercedes SLR

French footballer William Gallas certainly splashed the cash (£374,000 of it) on this shiny sports number that looks like a car-shaped mirror. Most notably Gallas played five years at Chelsea and four years at Arsenal during his footballing career. He retired from professional football in October 2014.


Cristiano Ronaldo – Ferrari 599 GBT

Considered one of the world’s best current football players, Cristiano Ronaldo actually crashed his £200,000 Ferrari Laferrari in 2009 after owning it a mere two days – an accident that has allegedly rendered him uninsurable. The former Manchester United player has scored over 485 club goals during his footballing career. Any Euro 2016 odds on how long it’ll take for him to crash the next one?

Mario Balotelli – Bentley Continental GT

Although slightly cheaper than the previous models at £160,000, loaned A.C Mlian player Balotelli certainly made up for that with tackiness. That’s right – he actually paid for someone to cover his car in that hideous camouflage wrap. They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can definitely buy poor taste…

Stephen Ireland – Audi R8

Whenever there’s a list of bizarre footballer purchases, Stoke City player Stephen Ireland always seems to pop up somewhere. Understandably he’s on this list for his monstrous Audi R8; which he customised with a Manchester City blue paint job. In 2010 Ireland managed to sell his German supercar for £69,950 on the internet.


El Hadji Diouf – Cadillac Escalade

Former Blackburn Rovers player El Hadji Diouf turned a £94,000 car into a metallic mess. He also owned a silver version which he kitted out with a premium sound system and TV screens in the headrests; this one was actually put up for sale in 2013 for £28,000.

Sulley Muntari – Mercedes Brabus G63 

The most expensive of all cars on this list at a shocking £631,000, Ittihad player Sulley Muntari bought this unnecessarily large, six wheeled Mercedes in 2015. During his footballing career Muntari has also played for A.C Milan and Portsmouth.

Amit Singh is the editor of Think Football and contributes for a number of other football websites, follow on twitter @Think_Football