Football Scouting: A New Frontier

Football Scouting: A New Frontier

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Since statistics show that a football contract is offered every five minutes, it only follows to scout specific talent for exclusive club opportunities. A player’s progress is now framing the environment in which contracts are secured and the channels by which they are executed. At the root of all these changes lies one truth: there is a new technique that is shaping how clubs scout new talent and professional players.

Every club and league does more than just try to win, but they constantly seek to redefine technical abilities, reassert athletic skills and replace dated practices. The “re-ification” of the industry is leading to the revolution of finding football’s next generation on the only channel with unlimited accessibility: social media. With this sort of talent portal, it enhances the priorities of all intermediaries – global reach, awareness of economic players and tactical insight – proving that international talent should be locally accessible. The ability to view the global talent pool also gives insider access to the competitions’ strengths, creating a knowledge base that in the past would have taken much longer to acquire. Essentially, it is a redefined power structure where the emphasis shifts from a ruling elite of agents to the democratisation of player opportunity.


As football’s global influence continues to grow, the sport will demand technology that expands with equal speed as its counterpart. U.D. Almeria, a second division Spanish team, partnered with Fieldoo for a competition to scout their next player in “The Fieldoo Challenge”. By creating a free membership and a thorough “football CV”, amateur and professional players are eligible to advance through multiple virtual scouting rounds based on their technique and talent. An panel of experts from U.D. Almeria’s club, directors and coaches, will select the finalists who will receive an all expenses paid trip to Spain for a week-long trial with their premier team. Should their skills be exceptionally demonstrated, U.D. Almeria will offer them a professional contract. The competition is open until 20 December 2015, with the trial taking place in January 2016. You can apply here:

Miguel Rivera, Head Coach of UD Almería B – The Fieldoo ChallengeUD Almería invites you to apply to the #FieldooChallenge to join the team for a try-out in January. Complete three easy steps on the link bellow to see if you have what it takes to play in a Spanish league!

Posted by Fieldoo on Friday, October 30, 2015


Social platforms, such as Fieldoo, are no longer a reference in expediting player development and club acquisitions, but a guide as to how social media shapes the modern team and player. They say being scouted occurs when you are “at the right place, at the right time”, but when considering the always “on”, always connected social media phenomenon, scouting talent via social media expands to create a chain of events with benefits at every social, financial and competitive level. Even though most professional players do not have their foot in the door for advanced opportunities, almost every one of them does has access to the internet.

We will see more and more that professional leagues will turn to social media to generate higher quality transfers and match specific talent with their playing field. The transparency in creating an open relationship between talent and scout and access to an unprecedented number of unknown football prodigies will only surpass the current generation of players. Considering that Josep Maria Minguella scouted Messi from a home video, it seems that there has always been an affinity for modern media in football’s talent industry. Club directors place such an emphasis on communicating with fans via social media, that the natural progression leads to clubs now communicating with potential teammates in a similar fashion. With no indication of a change anytime soon, social media in football is more than just a sign of the times, but the wave of the future.