Five reasons Jurgen Klopp should be the next Liverpool manager

Five reasons Jurgen Klopp should be the next Liverpool manager

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It all looked so rosy. Poetic, possibly. With Steven Gerrard presumably reaching the end of his spell at Liverpool, the Merseyside club looked set to win the Premier League title for the first time in twenty-four years. It was a dead cert… an inevitability, surely.

And then, obviously, Gerrard slipped up. Literally.

Since that fateful day in 2014, life hasn’t been quite so rosy for Brendan Rodgers. The embattled Liverpool manager has suffered at the hands of poor team performance and, in Raheem Sterling’s case, some rather obnoxious behaviour. Now, questions about his potential successors flooding the media appear to signal an inevitable demise.

Carlo Ancelotti’s name has sprung up more than once, but there’s another which appears to be the only choice for many: Jurgen Klopp. A man as charismatic as his unruly hair and funky glasses suggest.

It’s no surprise that a club as prestigious as Liverpool could bring the former Borussia Dortmund manager out of a self-imposed sabbatical, and we think there’s five reasons he’d make a great Liverpool manager:

  1. He wins titles. And we all know how much Liverpool fans want a title. During his time in Dortmund, Klopp won the Bundesliga twice (in 2011 and 2012). An ultimately unsuccessful trip to the Champions League final in 2013 demonstrated yet further promise at the highest level of the game.
  2. Hes had a break. Not a long one, admittedly, but back in April, the 48-year-old announced he would be leaving Dortmund for a sabbatical. That means hell be fresh and, no doubt, raring to go. Liverpool need a manager who is read to race off the blocks.
  3. Success may not happen quickly, but Klopp has proven that he can turn teams around in acceptable timeframes. On joining Dortmund, the German club had finished a disappointing 13th place. Klopps first season in charge saw them finish sixth, then fifth the season after that, before landing the two aforementioned titles.
  4. Hes not shy. Watch him on the touchline hes one of those managers who acts as if hes still playing, heading every ball and smashing every shot into the top corner. He has also spent a good deal of time as a pundit on TV. That means hell inject some much needed character into Liverpool (and not of the kind Rodgers constantly refers to; we showed great character’…).
  5. Klopp knows what it means to manage a team which has passion oozing from the stands. Dortmunud and Liverpool even share the same anthem (Youll Never Walk Alone).

Do you want another? Oh, go on then. We won’t indulge in listing Brendan Rodgers’ less than successful forays into the transfer market, but we will point out that Klopp is rather adept at picking up a bargain or two. He nabbed Mats Hummels for just £3.9m, Sven Bender for £1.06m and somehow claimed Shinji Kagawa for a mere £256,000. Imagine that, Liverpool fans. Klopp is surely the man for the job!