Do Chelsea need to part ways with short-term signing Cesc Fabregas?

Do Chelsea need to part ways with short-term signing Cesc Fabregas?

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Chelsea signed Cesc Fabregas at the start of last season for £27.5 million in what looked like an absolute bargain. A World Cup and Champions League winner with a lot of experience who in theory was in the peak of his powers aged 27.

Cesc hit the ground running and racked up assists in the first half of the 2014/15 season. He looked to have added the creative spark that the side lacked, linking the play and providing the perfect passes for Diego Costa to latch on to. Everything fitted in.

In January though, Fabregas began to slip off form. He recorded far fewer assists in the second half of the season and was all round a lot less productive. He was only able to get away with such a huge dip in form because he’d been so good in the first half of the season. Chelsea won the league because of this great form.

The drop though has been something that has impacted Fabregas for some time. He’s not a very physical or athletic player and even at FC Barcelona he was prone to falling out of form in the second half of the season, struggling to maintain his level in worrying fashion.

For Chelsea, he was something of a short term fix. They needed a midfield creator as they have lacked one ever since AVB pursued Luka Modric. Fabregas was available and thus they moved for him. It never looked a long term fit though and his complete lack of form in 2015 as a whole indicates that it was no more than a quick fix signing to win the title last year.

Fabregas has been one of the main culprits for poor form this season and looks incapable of resurrecting it, even if every now and then he does produce a superb touch or pass. Chelsea need to part ways with him, the problem is that they do not have another central midfielder who can perform the same function as a deep midfielder who links the play.

He is now part of the problem and not the solution. Chelsea need to look at new midfield options and bring a younger midfield creator in to help tide them over. Right now Fabregas is not the man to do that, having merely been a short term solution to an age old Chelsea problem.