Crystal Palace Has Just Made a Sponsorship Deal With the Mansion Group

Crystal Palace Has Just Made a Sponsorship Deal With the Mansion Group

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Have you heard of online gaming sites sponsoring your favorite sports teams? Well, it’s becoming more and more prevalent in both the world of sports and the world of online gaming. In fact, a new deal was recently struck involving Crystal Palace and the Mansion Group.

The Lowdown on Sponsorships Between Betting Sites and the Premier League

The Premier League is definitely taking strides to get more involved in with betting sites. Why is this? Well, for starters, betting sites have the same “fans” that the Premier League does. It’s men typically who are aged 18 to 55, and they love watching their sports and they love playing their online games or betting with sites like Royal Vegas Casino,  in fact alternatively can try Ladylucks Casino for free games.

Royal Vegas Casino is a quality betting site and online gaming site that has been revered by many different top lists as being the best online gaming site on the web to date. They offer amazing promos and bonuses for both new and old tried and true players that keep winning and coming back. Even the players on different teams of the Premier League say that they actually love playing games on Royal Vegas. In fact, this casino brand has been interested in promotion its Royal Vegas slots and may start doing this by offering a sponsorship to a Premier League team as well just like the deal that Crystal Palace has recently made with the Mansion Group.

About Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace is a Premier League football team who is happy to show off their third consecutive year with the Premier League. Their hard work and dedication to the sport and their skills has really been showing off in these last few years.

About the Mansion Group

The Mansion Group has now been around since the year 2004, and they are continuing to go strong just like Royal Vegas Casino Online is. Since being around for 11 years, they’ve learned a few things, and they have a few sites up and running right now for gambling online and placing different bets. Their main web page is called, and they are doing fairly well with it. They are definitely excited by this new union with one of the best football teams in the Premier League.

The Deal

So let’s talk about the deal. Mansion says it is very proud to be working alongside Crystal Palace for their hard work and dedication. They say, just as Crystal Palace does, that this is an exciting time and that both entities are happy to be uniting in this way.