BREAKING – Zlatan handed 3 match suspension amidst FA Charges

BREAKING – Zlatan handed 3 match suspension amidst FA Charges

Footbal Fanager

We all saw the Manchester United vs Bournemouth match at the weekend, truly exhilarating, and the Mings Ibrahimovic saga was even more fantastic, adding more fuel to the fire. However, post match the pundits said that the FA would launch an enquiry, and how right they were.

The unintentional head stamp from Mings stayed that way, footage definitely revealed that it was unintentional, but for Zlatan on the other hand, the story was not so great. He got a 3 match suspension for purposefully elbowing Mings in the head, and thus has received punishment.

Fantasy Premier League

On the Fantasy Premier League front. We can predict that the transfer market is set for a spike in activity. With Ibrahimovic missing out against Middlesbrough and West bromwich Albion, FPl manager will be wanting a quick replacement for the key man. More than 1.6 million manager have him currently, with a significant amount set to release him amidst the news.

So who should you pick? Harry Kane is the top target for many, having returned 33 points in 2 games.

Kane costs £11.3m

Diego Costa £10.6m

Romelu Lukaku £10.0m

Sergio Aguero £12.8m

If you want a wild card, I personally have Gabbiadini who has been in inspiring form, as has the whole of the Southampton squad. So this next gameweek will be interesting.