Arsenal’s demise during the 16/17 Premier League season

Arsenal’s demise during the 16/17 Premier League season

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As usual Arsenal started the 16/17 premier league season on fire, looking almost indestructible as a few new recruits solidified the gaps that saw them finish 2nd last season. Perhaps this was the year that they would win the premier league for the first time since 2006.

However, as tradition goes, they started the season well, but slumped after the Christmas period, only beating Sutton and losing 3-0 to Crystal Palace. It seemed that the slump would not end, at least not until they finally came out of it in April. The damage has certainly been done, left 18 points behind league leaders Chelsea and 7 point from a top 4 finish.  Arsenal’s bitter rivals (Tottenham) seem to have clinched an easy top 4 finish after being in extraordinary form.

Yet again Arsenal are in the semi-final of the FA cup, something that would be admired by some but is marred by Arsenal fans who want to win the biggest and best cups that a club of that size should be winning. You can understand the frustration, but the team hasn’t got what it takes, you watch their lacklustre performances and can see exactly why they aren’t successful. It’s as though they have no passion, no desire, with an attitude like that it’s no wonder they haven’t won the Premier League since 2006. I think it is an opportunity to start playing with a Coral free bet to see whether you can chance your arm at winning some money on Arsenal’s FA cup hopes, as well as their demise during this premier league season, can they make the top four? It will be pedal to the metal if they are to manage it.

Some say the effects of Wengers contract situation along with their key men Sanchez and Ozil having yet to renew, the club is in a dire state, decisions need to be made sooner than later so that Arsenal can unite and rebuild from these difficult times.