Are Gazidis and the Arsenal board holding back Arsene Wenger?

Are Gazidis and the Arsenal board holding back Arsene Wenger?

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Ivan Gazidis’ recent interview is rather annoying for outsiders, so lord knows the feeling manifesting from season ticket holders.

It’s like a Carry On film at the Emirates, only it’s just not a very funny one. It’s scary how delusional these people in high places at Arsenal can possibly be. In fact, sod the allusion to the Carry On franchise, it has a whiff of Groundhog Day about the affair as well. A continual cycle of delusional thinking, a fear to acquire all the pieces to the puzzle, well Stan Kroneke and his cronies need to get their fists out of their backsides and into their stuffed backside pockets. Season tickets at the Emirates can total a staggering £2000, putting many a fan out of their way in order to support their team. They pay top dollar and deserve better than half-baked prodigies from Ligue cinq! But despite what you can see any William Hill promotional code will suggest that the club do have top targets.

I think Gazidis’ allusion to Leicester and their transfer policy were particularly frustrating. Leicester’s success was an amazing occurrence and no doubt they can continue to be successful once again this season. They have a strong unit. This should inspire those without the available finances; it should allow the smaller clubs to dream. The players Leicester brought in were acquired through an excellent transfer committee but those hidden gems are tough to uncover. Arsenal have been trying to discover these diamonds in rough for many years now and have flopped far more than they have flown in terms of their success rates. Other than last season, it is no coincidence that money has decided the outcome of the titles won. Chelsea won in 2014-15 bringing in a host of talent for big-money. The season before that, Manchester United won the title having signed Robin van Persie for £22 million.

He claims that Arsenal can win the league with this current setup. Really? Are you sure? Granit Xhaka aside this is the same group of players with deficiencies that haven’t been rectified. Mesut Ozil got an impressive 19 assists last season but created a mouth-watering 144 opportunities for his team, an average of approximately one conversion every 7.6 created chances. Surely it’s not hard to see a lack of efficiency when you have one of the world’s best creators as a feeder. Then, at the other end of the pitch, Laurent Koscielny deserves a centre back fit to partner him, as I detailed in my recent article. Per Mertesacker? Had his day. Gabriel? Probably not good enough.

You have to feel for Arsene Wenger in all of this as well. He really is the scapegoat. He doesn’t want to be critical of his employers and isn’t known for being outspoken, and so Gazidis and company could have him on their little strings for all we know. Wenger might want to sign a superstar but is struggling with restrictions. Fundamentally, it may not be the manager holding back the team, but the core set up of tight-fisted money men, aware of the fans’ discontent, however remaining, themselves, content.