4 reasons Eden Hazard would be better off if he left Chelsea

4 reasons Eden Hazard would be better off if he left Chelsea

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1) No more defensive responsibility

One of the main issues for Hazard at Chelsea is that he is given a lot of defensive obligation. Hazard was criticized by Jose Mourinho back in 2013 for failing to track back in a Champions League semi-final. Down the left flank he has to work hard for the team, rather than focusing solely on his attacking duties. His goal tally of 14 last season was decent, but it’s not exceptional. There is a feeling that if he was at another side they’d give him free creative license to get forward and score goals. Whilst he’s been talked about as an elite player his goal scoring tally is nowhere near that of Ronaldo’s or Messi’s. A move abroad may help him hit 20+ goals per season in the Premier League more often.

2) Less criticism from the manager

Jose Mourinho is very, very hard on Hazard, in fact he’s very hard on all his players. His demands for Hazard to defence are part of it, but he is not helping the situation by publicly slamming the player over his form in 2013 and again at the weekend. Hazard would be loved by the manager if he moved abroad, as Mourinho is unique in how much he demands from his stars. Hazard would probably benefit from playing under someone that protects him a bit more.

3) More attacking tactics elsewhere

Chelsea’s squad is set up to defend, this doesn’t help a player like Hazard. Not only does he have to defend but he is forced to play in a side that counter-attack meaning a lot of players are defensive minded, or at least are forced to be defensive minded, rather than expressive. At Real Madrid he’d have more freedom but he’d also have more players attacking alongside him, rather than having to lead counter-attacking charges almost on his own. With better attacking players around him he’ll score more, create more and get more credit as a top attacking player.

4) A better chance at winning the Champions League

Frankly Chelsea’s side is not that good. Despite winning the title they’re struggling this term, looking unlikely to win anything. Even if they do turn it around, Chelsea, like all the English teams, are way off the best teams in Europe in terms of quality. Hazard would have a much better chance of winning Europe’s most coveted trophy at a better ¬†club, with better individual players. At Chelsea there are very few top level players, if any, other than Hazard. At a club like Real Madrid he might be rotated more but he’d be alongside elite players far more capable of challenging for and winning Europe’s top trophy.