4 problems the next Liverpool manager will have to overcome

4 problems the next Liverpool manager will have to overcome

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1) Decide on a playing style

Brendan Rodgers has been tactically confused during his tenure at the club. Rodgers ends up shifting formation repeatedly. It’s difficult to argue what Liverpool’s formation is under Rodgers. 3-5-2 or 4-1-2-1-2 it changes too often. Each game the formation could change and this has confused players who have had to play out of position too regularly. Wingers used at full-back, midfielders in defence. This hasn’t helped and is one reason why Rodgers hasn’t got the best out of his squad.

2) Creating an attacking philosophy

This links to the formation but Rodgers has struggled to get an attacking ethos going, despite huge talk of philosophy since he took over. The loss of Luis Suarez has exposed a lack of clear attacking tactics. Liverpool have struggled further with Daniel Sturridge injury prone and Christian Benteke having a mixed start to his career. Any new manager will have to imprint a clear attacking style on the side which currently is lacking. Someone like Klopp would be able and willing to do so.

3) Deciding which personnel is required

The player turnover under Rodgers was massive. Rodgers signed and sold a lot of players leading to a relatively imbalanced squad. One of the major jobs for the new manager will be deciding on who is useful and who isn’t. Lots of Rodgers signings have failed to really get going. Again being played out of position hasn’t helped a lot of players. Will Adam Lallana have a future under a new manager? Or even Danny Ings for that matter? It remains to be seen. Any new manager will want to bring in new players which will undoubtedly mean further sales.

4) Problems in defence

Defensively Liverpool have been poor ever since Rodgers took over. Part of this goes down to their formation. Three centre-backs or two, there has been a lack of coherence from an often confused and confusing Brendan Rodgers. Rodgers hasn’t managed to make his side hard to beat or hard to get at. Too often they’ve been open at the back and susceptible to opposition attacks. The new manager will need to make the side a lot more solid.

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